Leaving Home for College

Written by: pribrown63

August 2016, I was so very proud of my son when he was accepted to college. I was excited and nervous
all at the same time! I knew he would be leaving “mom” for college…

As we put together a checklist of all the items he would need for college, he was excited; he said he was
ready and was not concerned at all about the transition from home to college. I thought to myself;
great answer son but deep down, I am not ready to let you go, even though this is the next milestone in
your life. I was not sure I had prepared him for this next chapter in his life. He reminded me that I had
taught him right from wrong and to make good choices.

Fast forward, all packed and heading north to drop him off to college.

While traveling in the car I had many hours to think and process my feelings: 1) who will be there to
protect him?? 2) Will he and his roommate get along?? 3) Will he get to class on time??? 4) Will he eat
healthy??? 5) Will he figure how to do laundry (since he never did laundry at home). He actually learned
from YouTube! 6) Will he make friends with the same values and morals? 7) Will he stay in contact with
his brother and most importantly will he remember to pray and attend church?
Before walking away and saying “good-byes” until the next visit, we hugged and I reminded him that he
could call me with good news or bad news. I wanted him to understand that MoM would always be
there to support him no matter the situation.

Finally, it is time to leave; anxiety, sadness and tears began to flow from my eyes….
At this point, no turning back; there is nothing anyone could say that would give me comfort that I
would get through this moment.

I sat in the back seat of the car; due to my husband and other son’s suggestion, so that I could process
the transition knowing this is what we expected of him. I could not stop thinking about had I done
enough to prepare him for this day, nevertheless; every day, I pray that God will protect him from all
harm and danger. Thankfully, he is doing well as a college student!


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

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