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Medicine Mom Sharing was developed through divine intervention. As a physician and a mom I have experienced both sides of the spectrum. I know what it is to learn and study evidence based medicine and recommendations. I know what it is to share this information with patients in effort to help them provide better care. At the same token, I understand as a mom the desire to want to do whatever it takes to give the best care and help to nurture our children regardless of if it may be found in a guideline or not. In my opinion, everything and all information regarding how to raise children and care for them is not found in a book.

Today, there is so much information available regarding the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases. This is not the intention of this website. This site has been created specifically for moms, those caring for children, and those who desire to care for children. This is a place where you can be free to share your experience, unite, encourage, love, cry, believe, and motivate, each other.

God’s word says that man was not created to be alone. We all go through experiences. It is easy to go through an experience and feel isolated. Medicine Mom Sharing wants to assure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Someone somewhere has been through or is going through something similar.

Let’s share our experiences with each other- whether good or bad outcome. In a positive way, let’s unite, strengthen, and encourage each other to enjoy this journey of raising and caring for children.

Our Motto

The mind has great influence over the body and maladies often have their origin there.

— John Doe Molicere

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Encourage, uplift, empower, and share!

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