• Crib Training

    Crib Training

    #GratefulMMS I am the type that does not like to hear my baby cry. My husband is completely opposite. His point of view is as long as the baby is dry and fed then eventually, they will fall asleep. I agree, however, I am not willing to lay in bed awake waiting…

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  • Sibling Love

    Sibling Love

    #GratefulMMS So, we thought our family was completed with two children. Well…God saw differently! We are blessed with three blessings!!  Once our last little love was born, it was interesting to see the change in dynamic for our children. Our now middle…

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  • Single Parenting & Teen Dating

    Single Parenting & Teen Dating

    Written by: DCortes Being a single parent has its challenges. More so when your children are boys and you are a single mom.  I raised two sons alone and had to be both mom and dad to them and at times that was hard!  I had to teach them all the things their dad…

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  • Leaving Home for College

    Leaving Home for College

    Written by: pribrown63 August 2016, I was so very proud of my son when he was accepted to college. I was excited and nervous all at the same time! I knew he would be leaving “mom” for college… As we put together a checklist of all the items he would need…

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