Written by: Trapp2423

Babe how do I look?! 

I’ve heard this question many times during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy truly changed my Fiancé! My Fiancé and I were blessed with a healthy beautiful daughter; however my fiancé’s self-esteem seems to be super low since giving birth. Has anyone noticed changes after pregnancy like I have? 

-Many of the same outfits she used to love wearing are now far back in the closet. 

-Outfit changes are at an ALL TIME HIGH! 

-She doesn’t smile like she use to and that outgoing person I once knew isn’t so outgoing anymore.

What can WE (male companion) do to “change this?! 

I HIGHLY recommend being supportive as possible. You may ask what does support have to do with Self-Esteem?! I’ve noticed that going over and beyond for my fiancé to gain her confidence back has made a difference. And Guys don’t forget the little things…. Compliments. When it comes to Self-Esteem, something as little as “Baby your hair looks great” or “Baby you look beautiful today” can be the difference in your woman having a good day or grumpy one. And NOBODY wants mommy to have a grumpy day. SUPPORT! I can’t stress that word enough. Help as much as possible with any and EVERYTHING! Oh and don’t forget about Communication! This is key in any relationship and especially when children are involved. 

It’s so easy for us guys to forget we aren’t the ones who’ve walked around 9 months with THE BELLY and after birth mommy is tired. 

So, guys what do you think?? What are ways we can make mommy feel beautiful post pregnancy?! 

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