• Single Parenting & Teen Dating

    Single Parenting & Teen Dating

    Written by: DCortes Being a single parent has its challenges. More so when your children are boys and you are a single mom.  I raised two sons alone and had to be both mom and dad to them and at times that was hard!  I had to teach them all the things their…

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  • Infertility


    Written by: CG18 I have known ever since I was 17 that I was not going to be able to carry a child of my own. After being married for 2 years my husband and I knew we were ready to pursue having a child. We knew we would have to have a gestational surrogate,

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  • Leaving Home for College

    Leaving Home for College

    Written by: pribrown63 August 2016, I was so very proud of my son when he was accepted to college. I was excited and nervous all at the same time! I knew he would be leaving “mom” for college… As we put together a checklist of all the items he would need…

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