#GreatfulMMS Teething
Bibs just might be the best thing since sliced bread!! Our little girl was only six months old when she started spitting bubbles galore! Without a bib she could have gone through a dress change every hour easily! At least that meant she was hydrated. (smile)
I do not remember teeth being present so early with the other two. Thankfully, her fussiness was minimal. However, everything seemed to find its way to her mouth. It was if she was trying to look for all sorts of things to sooth her gums. The teething rings were OK. She would play with them for about 5 minutes and then she was done and on to things that did not belong in her mouth.  Things like paper, paper towels, purse straps, cords if she could get to one, and remote controls always found a way to her mouth!

I should note, teethers that were easy for her to hold were her favorites. Those that were bulky or heavy were tossed to the side.
She also enjoyed teethers that were cool on her gums.

Within what seemed to me as no time at all, she had the top two teeth and the bottom two to come in around the same time. It was not a good time for the breast feeding. This is because she was also learning how to use her teeth. (yikes!)
I did notice once or twice she felt warm. I never took her temperature with the thermometer. My mom-o-meter, which is the back of my hand, determined she had a low-grade fever a few days. This was associated with a little nasal congestion. Those symptoms did pass, and four beautiful little pearly whites emerged!!

During her visit with her pediatrician we were encouraged to start giving her a little water with fluoride in it. This would help her new teeth. For some, a little Tylenol may help with discomfort too! Remembering to pack a few bibs in the diaper bag is always helpful. It is also recommended for breast fed babies to take supplemental vitamin D. Who ever thought a smile with only four teeth would light up a room the way she does and be so beautiful!!?

Ecclesiastes 9:8 Always look happy and cheerful

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