• Baby Blues

    Baby Blues

    Baby Blues #JC31 She’s here!! All of the anticipation of this beautiful baby and now she’s here!! Everyone is coming to visit and celebrate. She is 7lbs 8oz. The nurses tell me her color is great! She also has a healthy cry!! She gets all of her checks from…

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  • Crib Training

    Crib Training

    #GratefulMMS I am the type that does not like to hear my baby cry. My husband is completely opposite. His point of view is as long as the baby is dry and fed then eventually, they will fall asleep. I agree, however, I am not willing to lay in bed awake waiting…

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  • Sibling Love

    Sibling Love

    #GratefulMMS So, we thought our family was completed with two children. Well…God saw differently! We are blessed with three blessings!!  Once our last little love was born, it was interesting to see the change in dynamic for our children. Our now middle…

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  • Children’s Allergies

    Children’s Allergies

    #GratefulMMS We knew early on our son had allergies. He was breast fed until about 15months. After that it was time to transition to whole milk. As an infant, he had significant eczema. Anytime, he was given a little yogurt or snack with milk in it we noticed…

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