Wouldn’t it be nice if in the next 10 years or so all of these buzz words (quarantine, isolate, social distance, and masks) are a memory??
For now, many children have returned to school and unfortunately many children have to quarantine or isolate.
This is usually tough on kids especially because they are usually playing and interacting with others routinely.
Let me share a few tips that may help brighten their day a bit during quarantine.
(*disclaimer* activities done safely to include the recommended precautions)
  1. Arrange for their favorite meal delivered.
  2. Have a special toy or item delivered.
  3. Ask family like grandparents or a friend to drive by and wave.
  4. Allow them to play outside in the backyard.
  5. Eat meals on the patio or outside to get some fresh air.
  6. LOTS of Face Time or What’s App. If they have siblings and or friends this is great.
  7. Watch a show over the phone that you both enjoy.
  8. Be a little lenient on screen time- maybe a little extra for a few days.
  9. Help them to stay current with school work.
  10. Make sure to check on him/her frequently.
If you had to go through quarantine- what helped you and your family to pass the time??
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