Returning to School During Coronavirus (COVID 19)

#GreatfulMMS While working and taking care of patients during the day, it is not always easy to keep up with all of the most current events. However, around March of 2020 we started to learn of a new strain of coronavirus identified as COVID 19.
For my children, they were out on spring break while things were beginning to rapidly change.
Spring break eventually turned in to school is out for the year….
As you know, it was summer with limited summer activity options. Boy was the pool popular!! The thing is for the children, one might have thought they were at Disney World the way they had so much fun for so much less money!!
I would never wish a pandemic on this wonderful world. But I will say that our family was living an extremely fast paced life prior to knowledge of this pandemic.
In hindsight, it seems that someone had something scheduled pretty much all the time. I have appreciated this time to stop and be with my family and enjoy them at this stage in life that will soon be gone.
Many parents, I imagine, had so many different thoughts and emotions. There was and still is in my opinion, no one size fits all. Different families have different living situations, work expectations, different levels of financial, educational, and family support. The decisions made for children to return to school and participate in extracurricular activities will vary.
Many people are making the decision as to whether to send their children to school in person or start virtual school. Unfortunately, in this situation there is some level of loss with either option you choose. Children love being around other children, playing outside, coloring, skipping, drawing, and LUNCHTIME with friends! But there are also children with pre-existing conditions or those that live with grandparents or parents with pre-existing conditions or different factors that could mean life or death….
Of course, for our home, our decision was initiated with prayer. For my family, virtual school was the safest option. Though, our children would LOVE to be in school right now, they understand the potential risks.
Children are so flexible. We can learn a lot from them sometimes as adults. They adapt, for the most part listen (smile), and are so incredibly resilient.
We tried our best to set up virtual classrooms for them to make it as in school like as possible. We set up desks and working areas, areas for STEM experiments, areas for centers, building, and of course Play-Doh time! We bought school supplies, new school clothes, schoolbooks and everything we could think of to keep things as routine and structured, for back to school, as possible.
We hope to have them back with their teachers and friends soon. So, what did you decide for your family? How is (are) your child or children adapting?
Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. Philippians 4:6 GNB

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