Juvenile Diabetes, Type I Diabetes

Written by: Sadecaria

Natalie was diagnosed with T1D about 8 months ago – the night before her first day of 1st grade.  She got a yeast infection about 2 weeks before and her pediatrician assured us it was probably from all the summer swimming.  However, we noticed she was starting to be thirsty ALL the time and then having to pee about every 10-20 min.  I wanted to have her tested for diabetes, even though I thought I was completely paranoid.  I brought her in to the doctor around 4 pm and she told me I was right and needed to go to Wolfson’s Children’s hospital right away.  Sal was out of town, the first day of school for both girls was in a few hours and I truly had no idea what was going on.  The doctor mentioned we would probably have to stay over night, but I still never realized that meant we’d be there for three days & have our world forever changed.  We received HOURS of education about counting carbs, finger pricks, high & low blood sugars, and mostly about the importance of staying on top of things & realizing this is a lifetime battle that we would be fighting every hour of every day.

We’ve been through a LOT these last eight months – many, many middle of the night checks, more education classes, learning how to adapt the whole family’s eating habits, changes that needed to be made at school, LOTS of math & Googling, burning nighttime shots, brown dots all over her fingers from the
pricks, getting a DexCom to monitor her blood sugar, getting a pump to deliver her insulin, MANY tears & scary moments for our baby girl, but also the amazing revelation that she  is BRAVER and more responsible than we ever dreamed!  With God on her side, she has faced some tough times at home, school & the hospital and she keeps on fighting!!  We love her beyond words and are EXTREMELY grateful for all of the friends and family that love her and support her!!!!!

Psalm 103: 2 Bless and affectionately praise the Lord, O my soul and do not forget any of his benefits; 3 who forgives all your sins, who heals all your diseases

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