Consistency is a word that seems so simple. However, with the hustle and bustle of an average day,
consistency can be so hard to achieve. It is important to realize that although this takes additional
effort, the benefits are well worth it!

Consistency and rules give children borders. Of course, when children have been in school all day and required to sit and be quiet, naturally, when they come home they want to be free. Believe it or not, both consistency and allowing some freedoms can be achieved. Things that have been shown to benefit the behaviors and development of children include consistent bedtimes, consistent family dinners, consistent routines in the home, and a consistent work area in the home for homework.

When consistent dinner times occur with consistent routines for example, children know that dinner will be between 6p-7p each day or maybe even a specific day of the week, and when they come to the dinner table there will be no cell phones, no tv, no radio, no toys etc. This is a time when you discuss the day. This helps parents to have insight on things that are going on with their child or children. It also becomes a common place for children to expect as a routine to share what is going on in their daily lives and feel comfortable in doing so.

This can also work in classrooms as well. Consistent routines, consistent work areas, consistent rules, and consistent consequences for breaking those rules. This helps students to know what to expect. It helps children to be able to focus better and pay attention more. There will be exceptions as all children are different, but it has been studied. Children require borders. They require guidelines. It is important for them to learn early how to establish a routine and operate within rules and requirements in order for them to be able to one day successfully function on their own in the world.

Parents that attempt to give their children everything or attempt to “please” their children all of the
time may inadvertently create a child with an “all about me” attitude that may hurt them in the long
run. Parents that may be too busy to reinforce established rules and requirements may find that their children may find habits or other company to be involved with that may not be beneficial.

Consider prayer- again everyone’s household and situations are different. Consider praying about it if there are questions as to how to get started and how to stick with it. It can be done!

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