Crib Training


I am the type that does not like to hear my baby cry. My husband is completely opposite. His point of view is as long as the baby is dry and fed then eventually, they will fall asleep. I agree, however, I am not willing to lay in bed awake waiting on the thought that “eventually” my baby will fall asleep. So, for us crib training went as follows: 

We started with napping during the day in the crib sometimes and her rocker at others. Her rocker is where she started sleeping from day 1 so she would sleep well there. When we started doing naps in the crib, she would take ultra-short naps which made it hard to do. But we knew eventually she would transition, so we stuck with it. At about two months she was in her crib only, all night without any issues. At about 4 months she began to wake during the night again. Whether this was secondary to us going on vacation and her schedule getting off track over the summer or because she was developing more in regards to her sleep cycle pattern or due to her teething, or starting solids, I’m not sure. I am sure there was a definite change from her sleeping all the way through the night. 

What we, (I) would do, is wait a few minutes to see if she would cry or go back to sleep. If she cried and it seemed as if she was not going back to sleep, I would get up go get her, pick her up and walk with her trying to sooth her back to sleep without sitting or feeding her. Once I walked around holding her, I would lay her back in the crib. Sometimes this would be sufficient. Other times she would keep her head up as if to say, “I am not going back to sleep until you give me some milk.” 

In those instances, I gave her milk. (I know- I caved) Either way, I tried to just be in tuned with what she was trying to relay. Those nights that she really didn’t need much were the nights she was given a quick walk and put back to sleep. Other nights when she seemed uncomfortable due to teething or an upset tummy for example, I would give her some cuddles for soothing, then put her back to sleep. There seemed to be times of transition where she would get off track a little and wake up one or two times during the night. Other than that, she would sleep all night without a problem. 

At five months, she definitely sleeps for longer periods of time than her older sister did. For that I am thankful. 

Exodus 34:21 Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest: in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest. 

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