Sibling Love


So, we thought our family was completed with two children. Well…God saw differently! We are blessed with three blessings!! 

Once our last little love was born, it was interesting to see the change in dynamic for our children. Our now middle child was used to being the baby so it took some adjusting. 

She loves her sister; she just didn’t love the way her sister now requires the time of mommy that used to be hers. She was always loving towards her baby sister but there was a slight increase in whining and need for mommy to do what felt like more for her (the middle child). Our middle child needed reassurance that her mommy’s love for her had not changed. At times this was exhausting. I would say mommy has love for all of you. However, she wanted to continue “one on one” time with mommy whenever she wanted it. I did my absolute best to give her that and make sure she felt more than loved. 

The oldest child had already been through the change of not being the baby anymore so it did not matter for him as much. He took on more of the protector role which was and is so sweet. 

One day, using words when speaking to the other sibling like, “she loves her big sissy” or “she’s going to learn from her buggy sissy,” really helped. 

It also helped to include her in activities that involved the baby like giving mommy a diaper, or getting the baby a clean bib. Allowing her to feel more like a helper instead of feeling excluded made a positive difference. 

The baby responds well to her brother and sister as well. She loves to be around them and has learned to adapt well because of them. She can sleep with noise and she is often entertained by them. There have been times when they sang nursery rhymes together that soothed their baby sister to sleep. Sibling love is a beautiful thing! 

Hebrews 13:1 Let brotherly love continue. 

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