Baby Blues

#JC31 She’s here!! All of the anticipation of this beautiful baby and now she’s here!! Everyone is coming to visit and celebrate. She is 7lbs 8oz. The nurses tell me her color is great! She also has a healthy cry!! She gets all of her checks from blood work to hearing screens and everything checks out well! Thank you God!
My doctor evaluated me and I did well also, but she mentioned I had a tear and some hemorrhoids…
So I had to get stitches.
Because I was basically numb I figured ok, no problem….
Fast forward a couple of days and we are discharged home. This was not my first child so my other child was now waiting for love and attention as she had been use to in the past. I explained to her that I couldn’t pick her up but gave her hugs and kisses just the same. She looks at me a little disappointed but quickly accepts the hugs and kisses as a consolation.
I invite her to help me with the baby. She loves helping with her little sister…
While I’m changing the baby I realize I have to use the bathroom myself. I realize I have to go NOW! I try to hurry and put the baby in her crib and the next thing I know urine is coming down my leg….
What in the world is this!!??? I think to myself, I just urinated on myself. I am embarrassed. Later, it happened again. By night time, I am in tears because I have what I feel like are fluids coming from everywhere uncontrollably!!
My milk is coming in. My breasts are engorged. My hemorrhoids are hurting, the baby is crying so my breasts start leaking, my stiches are in place but I still have some bleeding and then I urinate on myself again. Not to mention, my hormones are all over the place with my body adjusting from the delivery so now I’m also crying….
The next few nights, the baby is nursing what I feel to be continuous. Now my nipples are hurting because someone has been sucking on them for what felt like ALL DAY! So, I cry more.
I think, what in the world is going on???
For me, my mom and my husband were there to help support me. If possible, I would recommend having a support team in place because the first few weeks can be rough sometimes.
There are options to help you if you don’t have family close by like food delivery services such as feed mommy first, blue apron, and hello fresh.
Don’t ‘be afraid to get some depends temporarily if you need to. They helped me. I found out from my doctor that in the beginning my pelvic muscles were weak after delivery to the point I couldn’t control my urine. But within a week or two it got better. Kegel exercises are good to do also.
And for sure, if you feel like harming yourself or your baby call for help. Call your doctor- there should always be an emergency line or even 911 if you feel like something is very emergent.
Then there is praying- you can always pray or meditate. After all its free and available at anytime.
If you feel emotions of sadness or hoplessness that lasts longer than 2 weeks, you may be moving into depression and need to speak with someone also.
At the end of the day, for the most part the changes are temporary and worth it in exchange for the beautiful life I was able to bring into this world.

Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning Psalms 30:5 GNB

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